Newman Transit 2021-2072 are Tatra T3 trams built from 1975-1989. Originally built for a medium-sized Slovakian town, they were withdrawn from service and put in storage in 1995 after the company closed down.

The trams generally run in pairs of two, with the odd-numbered car leading and the even-numbered car trailing. However, due to accidents, single cars may run alone, or even-numbered units may lead.

The T3M and T3G cars were fitted with backwards facing Lekov pantographs from 2001-2005. In 2010, cars 2021-2022 and 2057-2058 had their pantographs turned around to face forward, resembling those located on the early series T6A5s, as well as the K2S cars.

During their lives, the cars had their paper route signs replaced with digital ones (however, the trailing units did not receive a digital front sign, with the exception of T3Ss, T3Ps and T3R.PLFs). The name of the route did not start showing up on the destination signs until the installation of the digital ones. By 2013, 2041+2042 were the only cars with paper signs left in the fleet.

Due to various modifications and configurations, different members of the class have different classifications.


T3M: 6

T3G: 4

T3/VI.SU: 4


T3S: 2

T3P: 15

T3R.PLF: 11


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