Newman Transit provides transit service to the city of Newman, Royal Island, the island's second largest city. It operates both buses and streetcars, and is funded by both the federal and municipal governments. Newman Transit makes numerous connections to Linkwood Transit, the island's regional transit system.


Newman Transit's fleet is comprised of buses and 103 streetcars.



Newman Transit has a fleet of 103 streetcars built by the Czechoslovakian (later Czech) company ČKD Tatra from 1975 to 1997. These were purchased from a Slovakian tram operator in Ostrov pri Trenčíne in 1996. The city was finding streetcar services unprofitable. All are equipped with the BUSE information system, with the exception of Tatra T3 2041-2042 and KT8D5 2114 and a majority have been equipped with air conditioning. A majority of the cars run in pairs of two.

The system is operated with standard gauge tracks, with a one way current of 600 V. All cars were regauged from metre to standard gauge upon arrival in Newman, with the exception of 2095-2104 which came with standard gauge trucks directly from the Tatra factory as specified by Newman.

Fleet number(s) Year Manufacturer Model Current division Notes
2001-2020 1977-1983 ČKD Tatra K2 Kennedy Park

-3 units remaining in service

-2017 rebuilt to type K2G in 1998

-10 units rebuilt to type K2S by Pars Nova

2021-2072 1975-1989 ČKD Tatra T3 Kennedy Park
2073-2104 1991-1997 ČKD Tatra T6A5 Kennedy Park
2105-2114 1986-1990 ČKD Tatra KT8D5 Kennedy Park -2114 only unrefurbished car in the fleet
2115-2124 1998-2006 Pars Nova (refurbished) K2S Kennedy Park -Refurbished K2s 2002-2007, 2010-2012, 2014


Newman Transit has a fleet of 84 trolleybuses built by Czechoslovakian (later Czech) manufacturer Škoda from 1987 to 2004. All units which are currently active in the fleet came directly from the manufacturer, but older units were purchased second hand from Ostrov pri Trenčíne, the same town from where the streetcar fleet came.

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